News Release for immediate delivery, DB Streams, Inc. Toronto, ON.

DB Streams Introduces new modules in Voicer SUITE – a modular and Integrated ERP Solution for small to mid-size businesses.

– New application modules unveiled for immediate deployments in Canada & US; solution extends reach of Voicer multi-channel CRM portfolio to the extended Web; enables businesses to closely manage and operate customer information, integrates that data into their ERP and CRM processes –

TORONTO, ON — DB Streams, Inc., developer of innovative telecom solutions, introduced “Leads”, “Projects”, “Call Management”, “Tickets”, “Campaigns” and several more, new software modules that extends its leading-edge Voicer platform to the next generation CRM application. The solution is now available for immediate use in US & Canada and offers a broad mix customer, monitoring and analytical features, enabling businesses to leverage the explosive growth of communications and integrate crucial data into their CRM processes.

“Customer relationship management solutions are clearly powerful tools, however, companies in highly transitional markets are still grappling with how best to leverage this powerful tool and technology to drive their business.” said, Georges Jarjour, Chief Technical Officer of DB Streams, Inc. Voicer SUITE provides companies with expanded capabilities to better analyze and shorten the decision making about their campaigns, lead generation, sales processes or services across the customer base, allowing them to engage when needed and interact via their standardized CRM initiatives.

Voicer SUITE is an ERP platform designed to leverage the power of business and integrate that data into CRM and relevant business processes.

The Voicer SUITE operates in three stages:

  • Centralized Client Database: Voicer SUITE consolidates all customer data into one central data-house, which could be available remotely, 24×7. Companies with branch offices could benefit significantly from that by avoiding multiple deployments.
  • Extended History: Voicer SUITE allows all the users input their correspondence with the customers momentarily. This would allow having current and historical data available at all times. Imagine, you provided a quote to a customer, then, customer came back 3 months later and asked for another quote and you provided a new quote with a significant change in the amount! This may unfortunately cause an inconsistency in the business processes and may even lead losing the customer.
  • 360 degree business view: Thorough its user-friendly interfaces, Voicer SUITE offers full business view on all customer interactions and business processes. Immediate availability and management of all data from anywhere at anytime.

Taken as a whole, Voicer SUITE into a fully integrated CRM package, providing sales representatives and managers with the power to extract useful and actionable information from what they have accumulated over the years and the growing stream of the technology available today.

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DB Streams, Inc. is a leading national telecommunication solution provider that works exclusively with businesses of all sizes. An industry leader in delivering innovation, the focus is always unifying and elevating all the approaches and channels that businesses connect and collaborate to serve customers, to drive workforce and partner productivity, and to get payback on networking, IT and telecom resources.

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DB Streams is looking for CRM & ERP Integrators and Resellers.

How do Small and Medium-Size Business (SMB) owners choose CRM, ERP or business application solutions?

From simple contact management to lead generation, there are many providers that offer simple and potentially free web-based or hosted CRM applications. However, when the requirements of customers are a little more complex, they are likely to need consultation – not only in choosing the best solution, but in reviewing the requirements and specifying the solution, setting up and configuring the proposed application. And, often times, migrating data from existing systems, integrating the CRM solution with in-house applications, as well as, training a group of users.

There is a very large opportunity for integrators and resellers to bring CRM & ERP solutions as well as deployment of services to the SMB market.

Why has the business owners not been prompt enough to embrace Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Despite what such business owners experience in their everyday operations, we believe that the shortage of decent SaaS channels for the SMB market may be part of the issue; especially, the ones that not fully-qualified or ready for the market.

How does the Voicer Suite make a difference?

Voicer Suite is growing rapidly through adoption by small to medium-sized businesses. Organizations and individuals buy Voicer Suite and integrated-business applications as an alternative to other vendors or services, and often as a replacement for legacy systems.
While Voicer Suite’s user-friendly interfaces make it easier to use compare to alternatives, the modular structure and functionality is also well differentiated -offering the ability to manage order taking, fulfillment and (email) invoicing on the platform (including inventory management).

Most of our customers use Voicer Suite and experience it without consulting or training. However, there is also a large audience that recognize the value of consulting services and are willing to pay for help to get started. A typical medium-size service implementation may require couple of days of consulting and training services – although more time may be required where a customer has more complex data migration, integration and/or customized training requirements.

We would like to meet CRM-centric resellers and integrators with skills in delivering ERP, CRM, or telecom projects, especially those involving integration into 3rd party systems.

We strongly believe that we would create -quality not quantity- partnerships while bringing a leading-edge hosted CRM / ERP suite with a great added-value to the business environment of our partners. We would definitely be accountable, responsive, and capable of supporting your business to help win deals and deliver successful implementations on time and within budget.

If you would like to find out more about partnership opportunities, please free to contact us. Complete information about Voicer Suite can be obtained via the website,