OrderCARE – Order & Fulfillment Management
Enabling your business to reach its maximum potential requires a set of smart and powerful tools that work together.OrderCARE is a self-efficient, hosted order management solution. It is easily expandable and can be specifically tailored to your needs.OrderCARE dramatically expands the number of orders placed for your goods and services. With OrderCARE’s greener technology, you eliminate fax, postage, filing, storage and document administration expenses while automating the posting of orders to supplier order management systems.OrderCARE Features and Benefits

  • Supports existing business processes through configurable inventory.
  • Increases compliance with existing systems.
  • Enhances supplier responsiveness with proactive electronic alerts and notifications.
  • Streamlines supplier/buyer order requests with Web- and e-mail-based workflow and automated ERP posting.
  • Increases visibility to direct and indirect orders across multiple business units.

Enhanced Inventory Management:
A complete entry and management of inventory where you can enter all the goods you sell or services you offer.

Integrated Client Database:
A complete listing of all your clients (or potential clients) where you can enter their company name, contact person and contact information. Keep track of important info such as company size and type, website, etc. With this client database you can sort out the hot sales leads from the dead ends.

Advanced Search Capabilities:
All sections are fully searchable. Find a client or an action by any criteria. Refine or save important search results for future reference.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use web interfaces.
  • Secure and crash-proof; no data loss.
  • No contracts. No cancellation penalty.
  • Multi-location control.
  • Free Training.
  • 24×7 access from anywhere, anytime.

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OrderCARE – Time and Attendance Management

How could I benefit from OrderCARE in my business?

  • Order Management
  • Data Collection
  • Client Database
  • Inventory Management
  • Order / Task Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • 3rd Party (Paypal, Google Checkout) integration