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Supreme customer care is no longer an option in business – it is a requirement. With companies under constant pressure to reduce costs while increasing service quality, the need for a comprehensive automated customer care solution is critical.

At DB Streams, we develop and deploy custom interactive voice response systems, customer relationship tools, call recording systems, text messaging servers to help companies drive paramount satisfaction, deliver a higher level of care and help retain more of their valued customers.

All Voicerâ„¢ based solutions offer cost-effective alternatives to handling your company’s operations and management. From account balances and order status to customer satisfaction surveys, DB Streams can help you automate a large number of software platforms, freeing up resources to focus on more complex inquiries.

For more complicated interactions, such as technical support, alarm response units, product ordering and account management, our leading technology solutions deliver a higher level of service and usability.

At DB Streams, we believe that real-time access to data is a critical component of your business environment. That’s why we offer comprehensive reporting including most frequent call paths, average call length, call volume and key demographics that help you make rapid and informed business decisions.

Our consultative approach, proven implementation methods, in-depth reporting and extensive experience across every major vertical market help to ensure that you get the right telephony solution to meet your company’s unique customer care needs.

From the simplest address change program to complex operations utilizing both web and database technologies, DB Streams has the comprehensive automated customer care solutions that will help your company interact more effectively.

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